Join us Saturday February 27, 2016 in Naples, Florida for 'Swish Upon a Star'
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Fall Fundraising Event: African Adventure
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African women and children spend up to eight hours per day walking to haul water from mainly polluted sources. The water is used to cook with, bathe in and worst of all... drink. If you're looking for a way to touch thousands of lives and know you're making a true difference, please join us.

Africa 6000 International is going beyond hope and helping to meet the needs of those who haven't dared to hope. We are committed to initiatives and projects that will reduce the number of deaths due to water borne diseases and ease the everyday burden on women and children in rural communities.

An African family exists on just 5 gallons of water daily. Americans individually use about 175 gallons of water per day. What's to think about? Invest in self-sustaining water projects that will truly give the gift of life.